(Original Titel: Missing)

How far would you go to save the one you love most? Emmy(R) Award Nominee Ashley Judd (Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a Special, Noram Jean & Marilyn, 1996) stars in Missing, ABC's thrilling new series, bursting with international intrigue and a full season of brilliant twists and turns. After Becca Winstone's son disappears while overseas for a summer internship, she takes it upon herself to travel to Europe to track him down. It soon becomes clear that Becca is no ordinary woman, but a former CIA agent deactivated after the devastating death of her husband. If she wants to find her son alive, Becca will have to rely on old friends and reopen old wounds. Her resourcefulness, skill and determination will be put to the test -- but a mother's love knows no limits. ABC's inspiring, action-packed drama grabs you from the very first minute and never lets go. Relive Becca's thrilling search through the breathtaking European countryside -- complete with exclusive bonus features that take you even deeper into her journey.     

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Ashley Judd (Becca Winstone)
Cliff Curtis (Dax Miller)
Adriano Giannini (Giancarlo Rossi)
Nick Eversman (Michael Winstone)
Laura Donnelly (Violet Heath)
Sean Bean (Paul Winstone)
Tereza Vor√≠skov√° (Oksana)
Andrea Stefancikova (Woman in the bank)
Keith Carradine (Martin Newman)
Jason Wong (Fitzpatrick)
Gina McKee (Jamie Ortega)
Jessica Boone (Rabia)
Karel Roden (Azimoff)
Nikola Navr√°til (Blonde Assassin)
Joaquim de Almeida (Antoine Lussier)
Aunjanue Ellis (Mary Dresden)
Jaymes Butler (C.I.A Hub Agent)
Laura Haddock (Susan Grantham)
Klaus Tange (Bohdan)
Karel Dobrż (Coffee Man)
Lothaire Bluteau (Hard Drive)
Cyrielle Clair (Sylvie Deveau)
Victoria Smurfit (Sloane)
Fedja Stukan (Gavril)
Sophie Knittl (Sophie)
David Bowles (Gendarme)
Chiara Gensini (Francesca)
Juan David (Agent #1)
Howie Lotker (Staffer)
Caleb Barton Smith (Young Michael)
Jim High (Auctioneer)
Alejandro Martinez (Security Officer)
Miroslav Simunek (Ori)
Julian Martin (Bartender)
Jan Nemejovskż (Silver-haired Man)
Ana Braun (Adele)
Thalia Pandelides (Audrey)
Daniel Pietrucha (Man on Scooter)
Nancy Bishop (Woman Jogger)
Nancy Bishop (Woman Jogger)
Stewart Moore (Customs Agent)
Tom Archdeacon (Buckner)
Laurence Belcher (Maxim)
Brian Caspe (Agent #1)
Mirek Cipra (Austrian Cop)
Ali Aziz Colok (Armed Guard)
Domingos Correia (CIA Agent)
Jan Pavel Filipensky
Hana FrejkovŠ (Hausfrau)
KlŠra IssovŠ (Hungarian Nurse)
Luk√°s Juza (Hungarian Cop)
Joel Kirby (Federal Official)
Kristina Krepela (Mother)
Ivo NovŠk (Doctor)
Ondrej Nov√°k (Young Man)
Grant Podelco (Embassy Official)
Miroslav T√°borsk√Ĺ (Bulgarian Police Captain)
Claudia Vasekov√° (Banker)
Jarmila Vlckov√° (Nurse)
Boris Wilke (Middle Aged Man)

Sprachen: Deutsch (Stereo)

Genre: Aktion

Land: USA
Laufzeit: 60 Minuten
VerŲffentlicht: 2012


Paul A. Edwards
Steve Shill
Phil Abraham
James Strong


Gregory Poirier
Paul Redford
Dana Greenblatt
Meredith Lavender
Adele Lim
Patrick Macmanus
James D. Parriott
Grant Scharbo
Marcie Ulin


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